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SMEs still do not get enough business from the major players

SMEs have always struggled to get into the inner circles of larger industry key players, and whilst the UK experienced a prolonged economic downturn, things only became tougher. 
Their financial stability was put under the spotlight and their processes and policies were scrutinised by large businesses unwilling to take risks to their own reputation by contracting to an SME that might not deliver.

Granted, SMEs need to play their part in ensuring they are in the best possible position to win and more importantly deliver larger contracts, however they do need to be given the opportunity to prove themselves.
To help increase the level of opportunities available to an SME, the EU is putting new rulings in place that will increase pressure on both public sector and regulated businesses to look at using SME suppliers. In support of this, t
he Government has set a public sector target of awarding 25pc of all contracts to SMEs by 2015.

To read more about this story, please see the full article by visiting: www.telegraph.co.uk.

Published : 7/16/2014

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