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Fund my Business

Coming soon: ‘Fund my Business' Tools

What are the ‘Fund my Business' tools?

The ‘Fund my Business’ tools have been designed to help you create a solid business plan that will keep your business on track, and one that will stand up to the scrutiny of investors. Developed by Venture Hothouse in collaboration with the British Venture Capital Association have been created to help all types of entrepreneurs, start-ups and existing businesses gain funding.

The simple-to-use Business Planning and Financial Forecasting tools are cloud-based, meaning they can be accessed on any web browser enabled device at any time. Just register your details and we'll provide you with a unique voucher code to activate your account.

What type of funding could I raise?

There are two editions of our Business Planning and Financial Forecasting tool available, catering to specific types of businesses and entrepreneurs, to help raise funding. These types of funding may include:

  • Bank finance
  • Venture capital
  • Grant funding
  • Angel investment
  • Crowd funding
  • Budget allocation
  • Debt finance

How will it benefit me?

  • Cloud-based: Gives you access on any mobile device at a time convenient for you
  • Secure shared access: You can be assured that your information is kept private, but should you need it, help is always on hand from one of our advisers
  • Free: Saves you money otherwise spent on professional services
  • Professional report creation: When you’re ready to request lending or investment, you can present your case with clarity and confidence.
The Micro Edition

If you are thinking of starting a very small business, or you are setting yourself up as a sole trader, or perhaps creating a social enterprise or even if you are a student and you're building an enterprise as part of a course, it is always important to plan your venture properly.

The Micro Edition

The Investor Edition

The Investor Edition is specifically designed for those who require a true investor-ready business plan and financial forecast in order to support applications to raise Venture Capital, Angel Funding and other types of Equity Funding.

The Investor Edition