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Maximising Top Team capability

Driving high-growth business success

If you're running a small or medium-sized business, you'll be all too familiar with the various challenges companies like yours face on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. You need to make sure there's a healthy cash flow; you need to find the finances to grow your business, as well as to develop and retain a high-calibre workforce; and, of course, you constantly need to keep on top of and review your plans – refining your strategies where necessary.

If you're not careful, you can spend all your time trying to stay on top of these challenges, and then you run the risk that you end up just treading water. It can seem like an impossible task to make sure you have the right processes, behaviours and strategies in place to create compelling client propositions – especially when you're busy working to sustain and increase your company's growth.

But there's a solution: the Geneyus Business Accelerator Programme.

Delivering transformational growth

The Geneyus Business Accelerator Programme is a suite of tailored modules designed to help transform and grow your business. Delivered by our expert facilitators, you will feel empowered by the programme to create the strategies your business needs to ensure its continued growth and success.

The Geneyus Business Accelerator Programme will:

  • align your senior team to a common strategy
  • provide you and your senior team with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to grow your business rapidly
  • evaluate what barriers may be impeding your success
  • help you to develop new strategies and customer propositions
  • establish a shared vision of what success for your business would look like
  • implement solutions that change your business for the better straight away
  • make your business more attractive to potential funders and investors.

Is funding available?

If your business is eligible, the Government’s flagship GrowthAccelerator support service may be able to cover half of the cost of the programme. You can find out more here.

If you'd like us to help you grow your business rapidly, get in touch today to ask about the Geneyus Business Accelerator Programme.

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